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Woman wearing skirt and elegant brown belt, styled by TheParisianTouch.


Available Online

A Few Chic Additions For An Instant Wardrobe Refresh

  • 90 US dollars


The Itsy-Bitsy: A few chic additions that refresh your wardrobe with style and flair! It’s about handpicking chic accessories or standout pieces, each adding a wave of fashionable freshness to your wardrobe. Initiating the Journey: Once you book "The Itsy-Bitsy," an email with a special link will be sent to you immediately, unlocking the door to your exclusive styling space. This marks the start of our collaborative fashion adventure. Part 1: Your Style Consultation: Let's begin with an engaging 30-minute chat, choosing from video, phone call, or text, to explore your unique style, set your fashion goals, and discuss all your sartorial wishes! Part 2: Style Curation: In this private area, accessible through the link sent to you right after booking "The Itsy-Bitsy," you'll discover your 2 Style Boards. Each board is complete with a curated quintet of fashion finds, accompanied by convenient shopping links. Your personalized Style Boards can range from full outfits, meticulously handpicked with clothes and accessories by your stylist, to specific items you're seeking, like the perfect jeans or essential pieces for Spring. Style Satisfaction Guarantee! Absolutely smitten with nearly everything but not quite there yet? No problem at all! You have the freedom to request revisions for up to 2 Style Boards (one revision for each). If your stylist's vision is on the cusp of capturing your style, simply share what you adore and what you'd rather adjust, and they'll tailor it to perfection just for you

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