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Woman wearing skirt and elegant brown belt, styled by TheParisianTouch.


Available Online

A Curated Collection Of Fashionable New Looks For The Season

  • 120 US dollars


The Forward: Dive into the season with 'The Forward,' your curated collection of the latest fashionable looks. Each piece is hand-selected to not only update your wardrobe but to transform it, ensuring you stay ahead of the fashion curve. Unveiling the Process: Upon booking "The Forward," you'll promptly receive an email containing a special link. This link is your entry to a world of exclusive styling tailored just for you, marking the beginning of your sophisticated fashion journey. Part 1: Personal Style Deep-Dive: Our adventure starts with a vibrant 30-minute discussion, available via video, phone, or text, to suit your convenience. In this session, we'll delve into your personal style, pinpoint your goals, and eagerly listen to all your fashion aspirations and dreams. Part 2: Style Curation: With the link received post-booking, enter your personal styling realm where 5 Style Boards await. Each board presents a collection of 5 hand-selected items or accessories, crafted to bring you the latest in seasonal fashion. These boards are your gateway to a wardrobe that reflects the latest trends while staying true to your unique taste. In "The Forward," your style journey transcends typical boundaries. This space is not just for exploring new styles; it's an invitation to integrate your favorite wardrobe pieces. We'll rejuvenate these cherished items, blending them into stylish, contemporary looks. This isn't merely about updating your fashion; it's about weaving a personal style narrative that's distinctively you. Embrace the renewal of your wardrobe with "The Forward," where each selection is a step towards a fashionably refined you Style Satisfaction Guarantee: If you find yourself enamored with almost everything but feel something's amiss, fret not. You're entitled to tailor up to 5 Style Boards (one revision per board). Should you wish to fine-tune your stylist's selections, simply share your preferences and desired adjustments—we're here to craft perfection just for you.

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