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  • 225 US dollars


A wedding, a date, a meeting, or a new job? - From casual and spontaneous to formal and opulent, I’ll consider your specific venue and what statement you want to make. You’ll look fabulous and unforgettable. Step 1 (30 minutes) We’ll begin with a FREE phone consultation where I learn about you, the event you are attending, and the image you want to convey. We’ll reference looks you would like to achieve during our conversation so that I have a thorough understanding of what to look for. Step 2 (2 hours) Based on our conversation and budget, I pre-shop at departments stores or local boutiques to find the perfect outfit for your event. And all you have to do is walk into your private dressing rooms full of thoughtfully selected options for you. *$75 for each additional hour *Please note service includes your initial phone call consult plus the actual service hours indicated below*

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