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Why did Harry cancel his appointment?

Just after I released this new offer for Valentine's day, I was contacted by a potential male client-let’s call him Harry-to book an appointment with me.

I was ecstatic. And, his message was too.

It is always fantastic when you create something and just like that-someone finds an echo in it.

I reached out for some more information and asked him about the type of style he was looking for and where we should meet...

I had no answer, not right away.

Then I received his response: the appointment was challenging for him…he was not ready…and he wanted to cancel.

We canceled the appointment.

Did I gently persuade him to keep it? Yes.

Was there pressure? Certainly not. I know from experience that nothing is scarier than someone telling you that you shouldn't be afraid when you're scared to death.

But it got me thinking: Why is it so hard to get over our fears?

To Harry, as I know you will read this, let me help to put your mind at ease:

  1. I don’t bite. Remember, I'm French, so I'm very picky about my food.

  2. Before launching my own company, I had the amazing opportunity to work at Bloomingdale's in the men's department. So men's bodies hold no mysteries for me, and neither do the clothes.

  3. We can all be intimidated by something or someone, but it is now easier than ever to reach out with ONE click on our phone/computer/watch/tablet...and contact the person that can help us be a better version of ourselves.

So Harry, and all of you who are considering my services but just aren’t quite sure, please know that you are one click away from me, and that better version of yourself:


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