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The Quest For Denim

When you are a stylist, there are two appointments that tend to provoke anxiety:

The mother-daughter appointment and the dreaded: "Would you please help me find the PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS?”

This ‘jeans’ moment arrives twice a year, in fall and spring. It is usually the first piece we want to update when the seasons transition.

The colors and shapes change, but the desire is the same: nice butt, long legs, flat tummy.

To summarize, we ask this tiny piece of denim to shape our bodies-and sometimes our lives.

Most of the time, this quest for denim ends in a very frustrating relationship with our bodies and somehow makes us reevaluate our life’s choices! :)

But I am here to help…so my first piece of advice for this kind of appointment is to TAKE YOUR TIME. DEFINE what you want and/or need and then TRY, try again.


  • The style: flare-leg, wide-leg, straight-leg, skinny... A quick tip-the longer the jeans, the longer your legs. But remember, shoes matter! We cannot wear the same pair of jeans with heels, flats or boots. Match your denim style and fit to your pre-determined shoe selection.

  • The rise: The crotch to waist part of jeans is known as the rise. I love a high rise. I love it because even after consuming a big Big Mac-yes, it does exist- My belly stays where it should: contained! It's really up to you and your comfort-level, but I would say the most important thing to consider is the material. If the fabric bunches up in that area, I would recommend a lower-rise.

  • The color: Seasons, of course, are a good indicator of choice but should not be the only consideration. The occasion defines the color you need. Faded jeans or jeans with holes are not the best choices for the parent-teacher conference.

  • The material: Do you own a scale? I don't need one because I have a best friend/worst enemy depending on the moment: a pair of jeans without stretch! Jeans with stretch are tempting. They work very well on a magnificently curvy butt. On the other hand, if you are less than blessed in that area, these types of jeans will tend to squish it even flatter. A good, old-fashioned 100% cotton denim is probably the best fit for you!


There are as many brands of jeans as there are bodies in this world.

To try is to find.

My advice: You are totally covered if you have:

  • A pair to wear with heels

  • A pair to wear with flats

  • A weekend pair you can ruin

  • White/black are always a good addition

  • Another of your favorite pair (so you keep your best friend on laundry day)

  • A designer pair-when you dress to impress

Follow my tips and advice, and I know it will help you in determining that perfect pair of jeans! And remember, you are one click away to a better version of yourself:


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