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The Parisian Mutt

I am always attentive to my clients and I am fully committed to their satisfaction. During some recent appointments, a few clients have confided in me about the high cost of pet care and the lack of quality services available.

With the same philosophy and passion that inspired me to create The ParisianTouch, I have decided to launch The Parisian Mutt. This new service complements my styling offerings and provides excellent care for our beloved pets. Combining French sophistication with New York smarts, The Parisian Mutt is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for our furry friends.

Why should you entrust your furry loved ones to The Parisian Mutt?

1-The quality of our pet sitters: All of our sitters are Parisian natives, cigarette addicts, and fully authorized to work in the USA. For each of them, a random check has been made, and they have received extensive training on Parisian Dog Etiquette.

2- The quality of food and beverage: We are committed to using only the finest French quality products for all of our services and this includes food and beverages. Our specific products are made in France and shipped to you for your convenience.

3- The quality of our services: We offer three different packages, the details of which are provided below. However, for all of our packages, please note the following:

  • All pet waste will be left on the ground.

  • All treats and beverages provided will be exclusively French products, made in France, and sent to you for your convenience.

4- Our sense of fashion:

Our professional sitters will be rocking a fashion uniform of striped t-shirts and a beret. They'll be so stylish, even the pets will be impressed!

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…OUR OFFERS!

-1- Le Champs Elysees: Dog Walking $100 per hour

Our sitter will personally chauffeur your furry friend to their walking destination, without their leash, while smoking a cigarette. If your pup behaves impeccably, we'll reward them with macarons from la Maison LaPurée and Mouette & Champion Champagne to quench their thirst. Because let's be real, your pooch deserves nothing but the best!

-2- The Plazza: Dog Boarding $500 per night

Are you stressed about leaving your furry friend behind when you go on vacation?

Our Plazza Service has got you covered! For the low price of $500 per night, your dog can experience the luxury of our French-themed dog boarding.

During this staycation, your dog will have the opportunity to spend their time in a smoke-filled French environment.

While boarding, we’ll be screening only the finest French films and playing tunes that will have your doggo feeling like they're strolling along the Seine!

For all meals, our MICHELIN Star chef will prepare a delectable menu, the details of which are listed here: The Starter: frog legs; Main entrée: hearty Beef Burgundy, and Dessert: a delectable chocolate mousse. For hydration, Mouette & Champion Champagne will be available at all times.

If you would like your pooch primped and primed before you arrive to pick them up, our beauty salon offers grooming as an optional additional service and will be carried out using products that you undoubtedly know from Christian Sentbon's house.

-3- The Strike: Cost dependent on the services you book

In true French form-we charge you, but boycott the services and do not show up!

SO WHY WAIT? Book your pup's luxurious package now! And, for today only, you will receive a 100% discount with the code Baguette.

And remember, you and your mutt are only one click away from being a better version of yourselves:


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