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The Holiday Hang-Over

I love the holiday season! But I have to admit, I also like when it ends.

All of the noise, the agitation, the decorating, the stress about finding the perfect gift and the ultimate menu that goes with the most delicate champagne-It is exhausting.

I feel like a goose that has been fattened for three months.

The first thing I need at the beginning of the year is sweatpants.

Then arrives the moment where the Christmas tree and I start to battle. I have been taking care of this squatter in my living room for a month now and it is time for it to end. And I know that once the deed is done, this crazy desire for clearing everything standing in my way will soon possess my body.

It will start slowly, with a detox tea- (My favorite: Detox tea by Kusmi Tea!) and it will finish with me removing all of the clothes from my wardrobe.


First, I just want to be able to see what I have in my wardrobe: to organize by color, by style.

I want a closet that reflects the real me.

But then, I quickly realize (too quickly) that I have a lot of redundant things. I have kept a cashmere sweater with holes, one lonely sock-because you never know when the other will decide to come back home- and then, my scruffy Vanessa Bruno cami top. This cami and I have had a 15-year love affair, but sadly the time has come to say: “Adieu.”

We both knew it. Only one of us needed to be vocal about it.

And to be fully honest, it was really hard.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but clothes are a beacon of our lives-and this top and I had so much history together.

This is the reason why I created the Closet Detox service.

Because I know cleaning a wardrobe is exhausting. It takes time.

And it is emotionally draining. It asks for ruthless decisions.

How does it work?

First, you need to book an appointment. We’ll then set up a brief call to discuss your goals and desires.

I will come to your residence (New York area), and for 3 hours I will help to make room for the new you.

Oh, you do not live in the New York area? It's not an issue. We can organize a Closet Detox virtually, or if you prefer that I visit in-person, let me know. I am willing to travel!

You will soon discover how pleasant and soothing it is to have a tidy and organized wardrobe. You’re welcome-and Happy New Year!



And remember, you are one click away to a better version of yourself:


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