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Pardon Mon Affair

Why should you choose me as your personal stylist?

The first reason is that I am the best at what I am doing.

Ok, the best is probably a tiny bit overstated. However, if I really didn’t believe that I can offer you something unique and different, I wouldn’t be here doing this.


First, when I arrived in NYC, I noticed that many brands were selling their version of ‘French style’, but it was not authentic. This sparked my vision for The Parisian Touch, which was an opportunity for me to share Parisian-style expertise with people living in New York City and beyond.

The second reason is that as humans, we are creatures of habit.

I remember once reading a very funny article. It was about a man who was cheating on his wife. While she was away, or so he thought, he brought his lover to the same movie theater, went to the same row and they sat in the same seats that he would usually sit in with his wife. Lo and behold, the man and his lover bumped into his wife~at this exact location! His lover asked him why he would make such a bold and transparent suggestion for their date-and his explanation was quite simple: This spot was his spot, nothing more and nothing less.

We do the same with fashion. We tend to go to the same pieces and wear the same looks over and over again.

This is why I recommend booking a Closet Detox Service. It is the best way to evaluate what you already have, make decisions about what you don’t want or need anymore, and then start to dream about those special new pieces that you’ve always desired. You would only be cheating on that favorite pair of jeans-which is much less dangerous!

And remember: You are only a CLICK away from being a better version of yourself!

What are you waiting for?


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