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'Not Choosing Is Still Choosing'

Among the many recent emails I have received, one in particular caught my eye:

“Dear The Parisian Touch,

My name is Emily, and I am sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly is a fashion stylist?

I am not sure why I should use your services.


Emily C.”

Well, Emily, let me explain what a stylist does and can do for you.

A stylist is a visual storyteller, a creator of images.

And for a very long time, this profession was reserved for two specific industries: Entertainment and Press.


Since the very existence of the entertainment industry, there have been stylists. Stylists used to work in secret, in the shadow of actors/actresses, singers, and humorists who "naturally" had a lot of allure.

The role of a stylist was invisible for a very long time. But in the late 80’s, these artists began to be credited for their work, and the eventual explosion of social networks put these "red carpet stylists" into the limelight.


As I mentioned before, stylists are storytellers. They create a blend of their personal creative vision along with the brand DNA of the publication that has commissioned the job. In this case, you need to think of the styling function as a form of marketing. The goal is to present the products in the most aesthetic manner.

Now Emily, let’s get back to you.

In our fast-paced and highly technical world, some researchers say that we form a first impression in as little as three to five seconds after meeting someone!

I am here to help you align your inner image with what the world will see. After an appointment with me, you will feel empowered, more confident, and ready to embrace your true self for whatever life has waiting for you.

I hope I answered your question and feel free to reach out if you need anything else!

All my best Emily, and remember, you are one click away to a better version of yourself:


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