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High Maintenance, In French : L'elegance en toute circonstance!

I know, I know…according to the rules of marketing, I should have sent an email about Valentine's Day a long time ago.

To say I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day is an understatement.

Perhaps you think it's because in my freshman year of high school, Charles did not want to be my Valentine.

Well, not at all! That episode of my life is a distant memory! Charles-wherever you are, just so you know, you’re dead to me.

But seriously, I don't like Valentine's Day because it's a free ticket to laziness in love.

Valentine's Day is the day when we, as ladies, MUST wear our best underwear and finest clothes and you, as gentlemen, MUST give us red roses, teddy bears, and invite us to dinner at a ‘nice restaurant.’

But why wait for this day to wear nice underwear? Beautiful clothes?

Why red roses when my favorite flowers are lilies?

A teddy bear? Childish!

I don't want to go to a ‘nice restaurant’ once a year! Especially since the menu on this night is often made to flatter your wallet, more than your stomach.

And I don't want to throw you into the monetary argument that "all of this is expensive!”


Attention and romance are not expensive.

This only requires thought, consideration and a little effort.

A special moment with my lover, when we both take the time to 'dress up', is much more important than a teddy bear and a special Valentine's Day menu.

However - I'm not that stubborn - sometimes in life, we do need a little push.

Maybe Valentine's Day is the occasion when we find the courage to tell that person, who makes our heart beat faster, that we would like them to be our Valentine.

And this was my case. Several years ago, I decided to throw my heart out into the world.

To tell you that it happened as I would have hoped...sadly no, not really.

But what I also remember is that I was EXTREMELY elegant from head to toe.

So even though I am not a fan of Valentine's Day, I am a true romantic.

And no matter what form your Valentine’s day or evening takes, my mission is to make sure you look great. To do this, I have a surprise!

Starting on February 10th until February 14th, I am offering the Love Is In the Air Service!

During these 4 days, I am at your disposal to find the best outfit. We will shop together for a maximum of 3 hours at the location of your choice! I am waiving the shopping service fee and my commission will instead be 20% of your purchases.

My Valentine’s gift to you! Contact me today…and remember, you are one click away to a better version of yourself:


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