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Hidden Treasure

It's always a bit complicated for me to return from Paris. And I think that the degree of complication and difficulty also depends on the intensity of the experience lived there.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but although I moved to New York almost ten years ago, there were still some boxes that I had not taken care of. So I had to take care of them.

Unfortunately, I unboxed some damaged, broken and even very ugly things.

For some of the items, I needed to separate myself permanently. And for someone like me, who keeps subway tickets and who treasures pages from books, it was a heartbreak. I was hoping to bring some of these mementos back to New York. I like the idea of having a token of Paris with me in New York-in my pocket, around my neck, close to my heart…

This experience, however, forced me to distance the past and embrace the present. So I returned from my trip with lots of newfound Parisian treasures in my suitcases!

But also with a brand new project, whose title could be : The things of our lives..

Stay tuned! and remember, you are one click away from a better version of yourself: The Parisian Touch


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