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Be Sincere

The inspiration for my first post was easy: Launching my website after so much work was a moment of euphoria. This first post was simple-a quick and effective introductory post: Hello! The Parisian Touch is born! Don’t wait to come and discover it!

Then I needed a second post, a follow-up, and this is where the difficulty began.

For my second post, I wanted to explain exactly what The Parisian Touch is using humor, intelligence, and elegance. The more I tried, the less I succeeded.

So I gave up, to be honest.

Everything I wrote was really bad.

And then I recalled an event that took place in Paris…

A number of years ago, Marie Claire, the famous French fashion magazine, organized a contest. It was straightforward-Ten single men posed in this magazine. The readers could choose the man they liked and were asked to write him a letter. The prize was also very simple: dinner with this man if he chose you through your letter. No pictures allowed.

I remember going through the same process. I wanted to write something great, funny and smart. And everything I wrote was really bad.

Then on a Saturday morning, the day of the deadline with time running out, I sat on the terrace of a cafe and started to write. I didn’t try to be someone else or pretend I was something that I’m not. I wrote from within and composed a letter in which I was passionate and sincere.

And this man chose me-my letter out of thousands of letters.

The Parisian Touch is exactly this: My passionate and sincere approach to styling.

Passionate: I believe a lot in the power of clothing, and I defend this belief with great force. (I plan on creating a future post focused on this very idea!) Your style should come from within you and my passion as a stylist is to do just that-help you to recognize and embrace what fashion reveals about you. It’s what I try to do. I don’t want to transform people. I want to reveal them.

Sincere: I would never tell you that a garment, a style, or a look suits you if I don’t think it does. I will never tell you to buy a specific brand. But I will advise you on quality, fit, and what I think will make you look great and feel confident-clothes that are a revelation of your true self.

I hope that in the same way that the man from the contest chose me, YOU will choose The Parisian Touch and my approach to personal styling.

À bientôt,



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