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All That Glitters

March is probably the month of the year that I hate the most. I’ve always had the idea, ever since I was a kid, that winter ends with February.

Today in New York, it's freezing outside.

What do I need?

Hot Chocolate?


None of the above!

What I need is…GLITTER!

Why? Well mes amis, let me tell you why we should all wear glitter - or, as we say in French, les paillettes!

First of all, glitter brings a touch of magic and sparkle to our lives, n'est-ce pas?

In a world that can sometimes seem dull and grey, why not add a little bit of glamour and shimmer?

And let's not forget the joy that comes from wearing glitter. When you put on a sequin dress or add some glitter to your makeup, don't you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation?

Glitter has the power to make us feel special and unique, and who doesn't love that?

But perhaps the most important reason why we should all wear glitter is that it allows us to express ourselves. Whether we're feeling bold and daring or soft and feminine, there's a glitter out there that can help us communicate our mood and personality.

So my dear friends, let us embrace all things glitter and the joy and magic that it brings to our lives.

After all, as we say in French, "La vie est une fête" - life is a party, so let's sparkle and shine like the stars we are!

And remember, you are one click away from being a better version of yourself:


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